Sue Ann Park Endowment Pledge Drive

Dear Lessac Members, Friends and Colleagues,

“A voice that is free, that feels its inherent right to speak, will have no fear of calling out, whenever and wherever it is needed.” -Arthur Lessac

        It’s hard to believe that it has been five years since Arthur left us, and this past year we who have undertaken the Lessac work suffered another serious lost with the passing of Sue Ann Park.  It is safe to say that not a day goes by that all of us don’t think about them, and remember with fondness that their mentoring literally changed our lives.  Teaching was their life and we all know that they will live on forever both in us and in the Lessac Kinesensic work we pass on to our students and clients.

        In searching for a way to properly honor these two icons, the Lessac Board has decided to undertake a fundraising drive in order to help fulfill the mission of the Lessac Training and Research Institute to “promote, strengthen and disseminate our work” through our “workshops, training and certification.”  In order to do this, we must raise the operating funds needed to finance these workshops and training. As all you know, all of our workshops were important to both Arthur and Sue Ann, but the cost to sponsor these workshops has increased over the years.  In an effort to make the workshops more cost effective for the potential students, a significant portion of the Institute’s available financial resources is set aside for tuition assistance to many of the attendees.  In fact, over 50% of the workshop attendees are given some tuition assistance in order for them to be able to pay the fees

        But an organization can’t continue to function simply existing on a yearly budget to cover costs-it needs to establish an endowment to insure future growth as well.  It is through an endowment that the Institute can fully fund both scholarship and invest in research for the future.  That being the case, the Board has approved a Lessac Institute Fundraising Drive.  In the short term, the goal for this drive is to provide tuition assistance for our workshops and begin to raise money to establish the Sue Ann Park Endowment.  With thoughtful investment and sound business practices in place, we can expect our working capital l will increase and more of our funds will go into the Endowment. Each member of the board has pledged a contribution to this drive, and now we turn to you our Lessac membership (you who have benefited so greatly from this work) and ask if you would do the same.  We would like to begin this drive on November 1st, and complete our donations by December 31st.  Because of our organizational status, all of your contributions are tax deductible.  TO MAKE YOUR PLEDGE, please use this link The donations do not have to be sent in until December 31st (especially if you would like to claim this donation in your 2016 tax year). 

        We thank you for your generosity, and thank you for showing your support and gratitude to both Arthur and Sue Ann!
Buzz On,

Robin Aronson, President
Lessac Training and Research Institute

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