The History of The Lessac Training and Research Institute®

How The Lessac Training and Research®  Institute Evolved into what it is today

Arthur LessacIn the summer of 1998 Mr. Lessac invited a group of certified Lessac teachers to meet to discuss the future of his work. A new certification program began in 2000 and, along with it, a mentoring program for new teachers of the work. This certification program has continued to adapt and grow.  In 2004 Sue Ann Park organized another meeting that launched the basis for the Lessac Institute with a Board of Directors elected by the group. The group in attendance charged the Board with establishing a viable working Institute which could realize the hopes of all those represented at the meeting.  In 2006 the Institute presented the Inaugural Lessac Conference, co-sponsored with the University of Denver at Colorado, on January 12-14 in Denver, Colorado. The Lessac Conference occurs annually and is a place to share critical and practical insights into the Lessac work as it relates to theatre performance and production, theatre teaching, community building, English as a Second Language, clinical speech therapy, and vocal coaching, among other topics.

Sue Ann Park
The Lessac Research and Training Institute® continues developing the teacher certification process, expanding training opportunities, and ascertaining the documentation of the Lessac philosophy and work. Future goals include training and certifying more Lessac teachers and expanding teaching opportunities for trainers, creating a wider variety of short, intermediate, and intensive opportunities to learn the Lessac work. In 2010 the Lessac Research and Training Institute® released a collection of published works by Lessac practitioners, certified trainers and scholars entitled Collective Writings on the Lessac Voice and Body Work: A Festschrift, edited by Marth Munro, Sean Turner, Allan Munro and Kathleen Campbell.