Celebrate World Voice Day April 16th

World Voice DayVoice Trainers, Actors, Singers and Speakers one and all!  This April 16 is World Voice Day.  Let us know what you can do to celebrate the uniqueness of the human vocal instrument - are you running a workshop?  Working with a private student?  Coaching a production? Performing somewhere?  Whatever it is WE WANT TO KNOW!

We will be posting your plans and contributions to Voice ‘Day’.  Let’s get the Lessac Training out into the World and celebrate the human instrument.!

If you don’t yet have a plan, see if you can come up with something to do in celebration of Voice Day.  Whether it’s a private lesson, a workshop, coaching, or a huge vocal performance for thousands, let us know how you will be celebrating the voice this April!

Message your plans, using the following guide, to the Lessac Institute Facebook page

Want to know more about World Voice Day?  http://world-voice-day.org/mission-statement/

Info We Need From You…


Designation (Practitioner/Certified Trainer/Master Teacher/Student):


Title of Event or Workshop:

Date/s of Event or Workshop:

Brief Description (10-20 words):

Image (if you have a graphic or photo for publicity, or even a picture of yourself teaching or performing, attach it to your email/message so we can post it!)