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Sue Ann Park Endowment Pledge Drive

Dear Lessac Members, Friends and Colleagues,

“A voice that is free, that feels its inherent right to speak, will have no fear of calling out, whenever and wherever it is needed.” -Arthur Lessac

        It’s hard to believe that it has been five years since Arthur left us, and this past year we who have undertaken the Lessac work suffered another serious lost with the passing of Sue Ann Park.  It is safe to say that not a day goes by that all of us don’t think about them, and remember with fondness that their mentoring literally changed our lives.  Teaching was their life and we all know that they will live on forever both in us and in the Lessac Kinesensic work we pass on to our students and clients.

        In searching for a way to properly honor these two icons, the Lessac Board has decided to undertake a fundraising drive in order to help fulfill the mission of the Lessac Training and Research Institute to “promote, strengthen and disseminate our work” through our “workshops, training and certification.”  In order to do this, we must raise the operating funds needed to finance these workshops and training. As all you know, all of our workshops were important to both Arthur and Sue Ann, but the cost to sponsor these workshops has increased over the years.  In an effort to make the workshops more cost effective for the potential students, a significant portion of the Institute’s available financial resources is set aside for tuition assistance to many of the attendees.  In fact, over 50% of the workshop attendees are given some tuition assistance in order for them to be able to pay the fees

        But an organization can’t continue to function simply existing on a yearly budget to cover costs-it needs to establish an endowment to insure future growth as well.  It is through an endowment that the Institute can fully fund both scholarship and invest in research for the future.  That being the case, the Board has approved a Lessac Institute Fundraising Drive.  In the short term, the goal for this drive is to provide tuition assistance for our workshops and begin to raise money to establish the Sue Ann Park Endowment.  With thoughtful investment and sound business practices in place, we can expect our working capital l will increase and more of our funds will go into the Endowment. Each member of the board has pledged a contribution to this drive, and now we turn to you our Lessac membership (you who have benefited so greatly from this work) and ask if you would do the same.  We would like to begin this drive on November 1st, and complete our donations by December 31st.  Because of our organizational status, all of your contributions are tax deductible.  TO MAKE YOUR PLEDGE, please use this linkhttp://www.lessacinstitute.com/forms/view.php?id=33048. The donations do not have to be sent in until December 31st (especially if you would like to claim this donation in your 2016 tax year). 

        We thank you for your generosity, and thank you for showing your support and gratitude to both Arthur and Sue Ann!
Buzz On,

Robin Aronson, President
Lessac Training and Research Institute

Remembering Sue Ann Park

SueAnn Award

It is with deep sadness that we share with you the passing of our beloved Senior Master Teacher and Director of Training Emerita, Sue Ann Park, who died on the morning of Saturday, February 27, 2016.  Sue Ann (Susie) suffered from an acute infection that didn’t respond to antibiotics.  But her passing from this earth was very peaceful.  Surely, she is now ‘dancing with Arthur’.  We will remember her as a legend, an icon, a brilliant teacher and champion of Arthur’s work; actor, mentor, and trailblazer.  She will be truly missed, and her like will not be seen again.

Sue Ann Park had a remarkable career—an accomplished professional actor, director and teacher even before she became acquainted with Arthur Lessac’s work in 1961 while teaching voice at the Goodman School of Drama in Chicago. She received her B.S. from Syracuse University (Speech and Drama) and her MFA from Yale School of Drama.  For 43 years, she taught with Arthur, and sometimes without Arthur, but always sharing his vision and passion for sharing this work with actors, singers, directors, teachers and anyone who wished to uncover creativity within, using the voice and body.

Sue Ann’s lifework was the perpetuation, development, and protection of this body of work.  Arthur shared once that Sue Ann, when she discovered this work, fell in love with the book and its possibilities. Because of her love of this training, she found herself teaching so creatively and with such talent that she became its most loyal standard-bearer.  She carried it with her from the Goodman School to SUNY Binghamton in 1969, where she taught with Arthur, and subsequently began the partnership that continued until Arthur’s death in 2011.  She co-taught at least 28 Lessac Summer Intensives with Arthur, led countless shorter workshops throughout the years, presented at numerous ATHE and VASTA conferences, and authored many articles for various publications. Her achievements were recognized with the Career Achievement Award in Academic Theatre, given by ATHE, a Distinguished Life Member Award by VASTA, and Honorary Membership in and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Lessac Training & Research Institute.

But nothing was as important to her as the journey she experienced within the work itself. As she stated in her Vocal Visions article, published in 1997, ‘It has been a long and joyous journey of discovery, problem-solving and satisfaction.’

We all have benefited tremendously from that journey.  Sue Ann, you were our teacher, our mentor and our inspiration.  As it says on the crystal face of the Lifetime Achievement award, given to her at our Inaugural Annual Conference in 2006:  “The Lessac Training and Research Institute extends heartfelt gratitude to Sue Ann Park for her lifelong devotion to maintaining the highest standards of teaching excellence in Lessac Kinesensic Training.” 

The Lessac Institute is gathering stories and recollections of students of Sue Ann Park to share at her memorial service.  If you have a story you’d like to share, please send it to:  Deborah Kinghorn: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Board of Directors 2016


Arthur Lessac


Robin Aronson President
Mary Thomas-Sala Past President
Sue Ann Park Director of Training (Retired)
Saundra Cuyler Director at Large
Kathleen Campbell Director at Large
Stephen Housley Director at Large
Anita Jo Lenhart Director at Large
Kathryn G. Maes Director at Large
Deborah Kinghorn Master Teacher Council Representative
Sean Turrner Managing Director

Board meeting



The Master Teacher Council was given the charge by Certified Trainers to establish a procedure for the purpose of sustaining the integrity of their certification status.  Therefore, it has been determined that those who wish to keep their certification in good standing be required to attend one refresher workshop every five years. 

Attending any of the established Institute workshops taught by a Master Teacher or a pre-conference workshop designated for this purpose may fulfill this. Trainers may also host a regional refresher workshop led by a Master Teacher. This policy went into effect in January 2015. The “clock” began January 2015 for all currently certified trainers.  Those certified 2015 and later will have five years of grace and then will need to refresh once every five years.
The sessions are intended to provide:
1. Recently evolved vocabulary and/or progressions of events of voice and bodywork. 
2. The refreshing experience of reviewing a voice or body training event with peers.
3. Clarity of training procedures or concepts.

Workshops dedicated to sustaining certification will be announced periodically.  The Master Teacher Council will attempt to offer a yearly workshop for this purpose adjacent to the Annual Lessac Institute Conference

Questions about Kinesensic Training

If you would like to ask a question about Lessac Kinesensic Training please use the form below and it will be sent to the Master Teacher Council Representative for 2014 Deb Kinghorn

Deb Kinghorn Master Teacher


VIDEO “Speaking of Lessac” teachers and intensive participants talk about the work

Lessac Training and Research Certificatioin Application Fee

Celebrate World Voice Day April 16th

World Voice DayVoice Trainers, Actors, Singers and Speakers one and all!  This April 16 is World Voice Day.  Let us know what you can do to celebrate the uniqueness of the human vocal instrument - are you running a workshop?  Working with a private student?  Coaching a production? Performing somewhere?  Whatever it is WE WANT TO KNOW!

We will be posting your plans and contributions to Voice ‘Day’.  Let’s get the Lessac Training out into the World and celebrate the human instrument.!

If you don’t yet have a plan, see if you can come up with something to do in celebration of Voice Day.  Whether it’s a private lesson, a workshop, coaching, or a huge vocal performance for thousands, let us know how you will be celebrating the voice this April!

Message your plans, using the following guide, to the Lessac Institute Facebook page

Want to know more about World Voice Day?  http://world-voice-day.org/mission-statement/

Info We Need From You…


Designation (Practitioner/Certified Trainer/Master Teacher/Student):


Title of Event or Workshop:

Date/s of Event or Workshop:

Brief Description (10-20 words):

Image (if you have a graphic or photo for publicity, or even a picture of yourself teaching or performing, attach it to your email/message so we can post it!)

Walking: Dancing,Talking: Singing


Lessac Certified Trainer Candidacy Procedures


Teacher Trainer Group '14 with Master Teachers

Upon receiving a letter of acceptance for candidacy, the individual will be assigned a MENTOR. The Mentor will provide guidance throughout the candidacy procedures. A Mentor will always be a designated Master Teacher or a Certified Trainer appointed by the Master Teachers Council. The procedures include a written examination, continued guidance in self-awareness/application of the work, observation/assessment of teaching and completion of the Lessac Teacher Training Workshop.



During the candidacy, the candidate will establish a DOSSIER, kept on file with the Director of Certification. The candidate and/or the Candidate’s Mentor will provide the following documents for the CANDIDATE’S DOSSIER:



A MENTOR will be assigned to each accepted candidate. The MENTOR will serve as an advisor to the candidate throughout his/her candidacy. The Candidate is expected to establish an ongoing dialogue with his/her mentor and the Mentor may determine that a schedule of communication be established and that journal keeping be recommended to facilitate this dialogue. The Mentor will be the primary observer and assessor of the candidate’s teaching. A mentor may determine that a candidate be required to complete supplemental studies in related fields as a requirement of certification.

Dana Smith receiving certification from Barry Kur


During the certification candidacy, multiple teaching observations are expected to be arranged.  When a certification candidate and mentor have agreed to begin observations and assessments of the candidate’s teaching the following procedures are to be implemented:



Video recorded observations:

  • Be sure candidate’s video equipment is compatible to mentor’s equipment.
  • Teaching must be taped from an angle that includes front or profile views of the candidate AND front or profile views of the students.
  • Audio must be recorded with a high quality microphone.
  • Prior to the video recording, the candidate must present a written lesson plan (with objectives) to the mentor.
  • Prior to sending the video recording to the mentor, the candidate must view the recorded lesson and write a self-assessment of his/her teaching. This self-assessment should accompany the tape sent to the mentor.
  • At least two videotaped lessons of a class and two videotaped sessions “coaching” individual students should be arranged between the candidate and mentor prior to an on-site observation. On-site observations should also be recorded on tape (not by the visiting mentor) for observation by two other mentors.
  • Class lessons chosen for videotaping must be introductory lessons.
  • Optional On-stie Observations:
  • The mentor in consultation with the candidate determines on-site observations.
  • It is the candidate’s responsibility to cover all travel, lodging and food expenses for the visiting mentor.
  • Candidates are encouraged to seek institutional support for this event as a means towards professional development.
  • On-site observations should be recorded for assessment. The visiting mentor should not be in charge of videotaping.

Kellyn Meeks receives Certification from Menor Barry Kur




Not all candidates are employed by an educational institution, have regular teaching assignments in voice/speech or have a private studio practice. In turn, these candidates may be challenged to establish teaching assessment opportunities. Candidates are encouraged to discuss alternate opportunities with their mentor.  These may include:



  • Participating in the Lessac Institute Teacher Training Workshops with the intent of being assessed as part of the certification process.
  • Requesting a colleague to allow you to guest teach their class.
  • Requesting a certified Lessac teacher to allow you to guest teach at their institution.
  • Some candidates may be invited by the Lessac Institute’s Master Teachers to serve as teaching interns for a Lessac Intensive Workshop.


Candidates for certification must participate in at least one Lessac Teacher Training Workshop.  At the conclusion of the first workshop, candidates should consult with their mentor and the Teacher Training Workshop Instructor(s) about progress toward certification and if additional workshops are recommended.


The written examination assesses the candidate’s mastery of basic principles, training activities and phonetic information of the Lessac work. It is administered by at least one Master Teacher. During an individual’s candidacy, a time for the written examination will be determined through consultation between the Candidate, the Mentor and the Master Teachers who will administer the exam.

Upon recommendation of the Mentor, a final observation should be arranged for evaluation. This will be observed and assessed by the Mentor and the Master Teacher Council. 

There is no set duration of time for candidacy. Upon acceptance, the Lessac Master Teacher encourages candidates to work continuously toward certification. However, Lessac Master Teachers also encourage a timeline best suited to the candidate in consultation with his/her mentor.

The Director of Certification will notify the Candidate when he/she has been approved for Certification and a Lessac Trainers Certificate will be granted to the candidate.

The Lessac Master Teachers may grant exceptions to the Candidacy procedures for individuals who may have acquired equivalent training opportunities with Lessac Master Teachers or possess what the Lessac Master Teachers believe to be appropriate equivalent field experience and/or education.

For additional information Contact:

Barry Kur,  Director of Certification
609 Fairmount Ave
State College PA 16801
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Download a copy of the Lessac Certified Trainer Procedures

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Lessac Training and Research Institute® is at a fascinating time in its history as we press ahead with founder Arthur Lessac’s vision for Kinesensics Training.

Your gifts directly support the Lessac Training and Research Institute’s® mission to promote, strengthen and develop promising students of Kinsensic Training in the global landscape.  Certified trainers, faculty, students, friends and philanthropic organizations see The Lessac Institute as a worthy investment and answer the call to assist in sharing Kinesensics.

Explore the many ways you can help support the Institute and preserve Lessac Training for the future!

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The diverse fields impacted by the legacy of Arthur’s work include Health and Wellness, Education, Leadership, Cross-cultural Communications, International Diplomacy and Peacekeeping, Language Acquisition, Research and Development, in addition to its well-known Body and Voice Training. 

Creative gifting could include:

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  • Supporting ongoing research
  • Establishing future publications
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