Guidelines for Conference Proposals

The following are guideline for session proposals for the annual Lessac Institute Conferences.

Going Deeper
These presentations or papers discuss or demonstrate how practitioners have discovered deeper connections, insights or extended application of the Lessac Kinesensic Work.  This may involve an individual’s discovery of new inner harmonic sensing (see Use and Training of the Human Voice Glossary page 272).  This may also involve a personal discovery as to how Lessac work enhances the practice or learning of an athletic sport, art form, therapeutic process, art form such as acting or singing, etc..

These presentations or papers discuss or demonstrate a comparison of the Lessac Kinesensic Work to other voice/body training work. The presenters should have first-hand, in-depth knowledge all of the work being compared.

Asking Questions
These presentations address inquiries about the teaching or application of the Lessac work. They may be formatted in a panel discussion, a facilitated discussion amongst all attendees and/or paper presentation.  These sessions may attend to problem solving, serve as a refresher of the foundational Lessac precepts, concepts, and training events and/or the sharing of empirical research.