Intersection of Lessac Work and Health Care in Professional Voice - Single Session Registration

A Taste of Lessac: Intersection of Lessac Work and Health Care in Professional Voice
Nancy Krebs
Katherine Verdolini Abbott

In the world of speech-language pathology, the trend over the past 20 years has been to focus on a single voice pattern – proposed in research and found in clinical practice – to have therapeutic value.  Among the most prevalent patterns has been so-called “resonant voice,” which in some of its forms is a derivative of some combination of Lessac’s consonant orchestra NRG (sustainable, voiced consonants) and Tonal NRG.  This resonant voice has received attention in considerable bench and clinical science, not to mention millions of dollars in federal funding, yielding optimistic results for the value of resonant voice in both prevention of voice problems and biological healing of pathologies that may affect the vocal folds. 

At the same time, however, after a few decades of its use in the clinical setting, discoveries now emerge that a sole focus on “resonant voice” (and potentially any single voice pattern) tends to limits not only expressive options.  More troubling, a relative degree of biomechanical “lock-down” is reported by some practitioners whose exclusive focus is “resonant voice.”  A new generation of voice therapies is currently under development, to integrate a broader range of the Lessac body and voice work into the therapeutic paradigm in speech-language pathology, to offer patients with voice disorders a fuller “palette” of “voice choices” for their biomechanical, biological, and expressive benefit.  The proposed presentation will provide a “taster” of integrated training in the Lessac modalities, including both practical and proposed scientific foundations.  The “taster” will have value for both speech-language pathologists interested in expanding their therapeutic offerings, as well as for voice and speech trainers interested in issues of vocal health.  A longer-course version of this presentation is in preparation, which we hope to roll out in 2016. 

Please join us for a 1.25-hr presentation at the 2016 Lessac Conference in scenic Denver.