Yvette Hardie

Yvette Hardie

2 Cromer Road
Muizenberg 7945


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Current Affiliations

ASSITEJ South Africa - National Director
ASSITEJ - President (2011-2017)


2003 Professional Teaching Certificate in LESSAC VOICE, SPEECH AND BODY TRAINING from the Lessac Training and Research Institute

2000 Magister Technologiae (Drama) in Voice and Speech through TECHNIKON PRETORIA, Cum Laude

Bachelor of Arts (Cum Laude), from the UNIVERSITY OF CAPE TOWN, majoring in English and Drama

Performers’ Diploma in Speech and Drama from the UNIVERSITY OF CAPE TOWN


Voice for Actors (and everyone else!),
Theatre for Young Audiences,
Theatre for healing and social transformation,
Educational writing,
Festival direction

Experience with the Lessac Work

I came to the Lessac work first through the book itself and it was the first practice (after having studied voice at university) to really make a difference to what was at the time a damaged voice. I then studied a Masters in Voice, under Marth Munro, and during this time met Arthur Lessac and other Master teachers of Kinesensics. We connected strongly and I had the opportunity to work with Arthur personally as my mentor over three years, both in the USA and in South Africa, after my attendance of the 2000 Lessac Summer Workshop. We then hosted workshops in South Africa with Barry Kur, and with Arthur himself. I have taught the Lessac work at various institutions including AFDA, the National School of the Arts, the University of Cape Town, the Voice Clinic, the Market theatre laboratory, Sibikwa and in intensive courses in South Africa with Deborah Kinghorn, Gert Terny and Marth Munro.


I know the power of Lessac Kinesensics work to heal having had the experience of damaging my voice and needing to rebuild it to full strength… Nothing else worked as well as the y-buzz! As a result, I find I teach with an awareness and empathy of what my fellow travellers are going through, and I aim to stay open to what they have to teach me through their discoveries. One of the great joys of the Lessac work is the JOY of doing it - of feeling revived by the work, reinvigorated, and empowered to explore places you never thought possible. Lessac provides a way into expression, communication, behaviour, feeling and being which is thoroughly accessible, hugely inventive and deeply meaningful. It is a privilege to share this work.

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