Dick Cuyler

Dick Cuyler

30 Foxmoor Ct.
Etowah, NC 28729


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Current Affiliations

Lessac Training and Research Institute
Master Teacher in Body Training, 1983
Advanced Certification In Voice & Speech Training, 1983

Associate Professor, Emeritus, Binghamton University 1993


Oberlin College, BA 1952

Bennington College, MA 1956


Voice, Speech, Body Movement, Juggling, Acting, Directing
Private Coaching

Experience with the Lessac Work

Skidmore College 1961-72
Binghamton University 1973-93
Six-week summer workshops with Arthur Lessac, Sue Ann Park, & Lisbeth Roman 1974-87


I taught acting, voice and speech for several years before I was introduced to a life-changing experience with Arthur Lessac and Sue Ann Park in 1970-71. For years, I had been looking for a holistic (kinesensic) approach in actor-training. At Binghamton University, working with Arthur and Sue Ann, I soon realized I was on a vital mission of self-teaching while I was training actors, and ultimately, anyone who wished to free themselves from detrimental vocal and physical habits.

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