South African Intensive Lessac Kinesensic Workshop 9 Jan 2017 – 29 Jan 2017

Hosted by the Drama Department, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa.

Welcome and registration to take place evening of 8th of Jan 2017.


Lessac Kinesensic Training

Lessac Kinesensic Training is unique in its holistic, comprehensive and creative approach to all aspects of developing the body and the voice. It is applicable to all human behaviour, communication and perception as well as in the creative and performance arena. Kinesensic training is a self-teaching, sensory-based process based on feeling the way the human body functions organically when it is free of adverse conditioning. It uses physical sensations to identify, produce and voluntarily facilitate the voice and body.
Lessac Kinesensics training holistically addresses Body mind and Voice:

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Areas that will be addressed and explored during Body training:

Body Training; Body integration and Breathing; Body energies; Body movement and body aesthetics; Body conditioning and physical fitness; Body Characterization; Natural relaxers and energizers and the Body’s Natural Pain Relievers.
Areas that will be addressed and explored during Voice training:
The presence and use of Tone, consonants and structure in all verbal communication; Effective vocal expressions in communication; Vocal interpretation and expression; Texts and subtexts; a Tono-sensory phonetic system; The interrelationship of the various aspects of voice, speech and language. The use of own voice towards well-being
The various areas will feed into holistic explorations of bodymind and voice that will enhance all communication whether in life, in therapy or in the performing arts.

It is our hope that with this workshop we will draw together people from various continents, celebrating various cultural paradigms and various languages.

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Why attend the workshop in South Africa:
• The South African workshop adheres to the rigour expected from any Lessac Kinesensics Intensive.
• It is a three week-long immersive training process.
• It is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural experience.
• The workshop will be facilitated by Lessac Master Teachers and Certified Lessac Trainers assisted by Lessac practitioners.
• It takes place in the South African summer.
• You can tour South Africa before or after the workshop. It may provide a good opportunity to see more of South Africa i.e. great beaches with warm water, excellent scuba diving, wonderful game parks like Kruger, Hluhluwe, Umfolozi and Pilanesberg (amongst others) with big 5, Cape Town & Table mountain, cosmopolitan Durban in the historical kingdom of the Zulu.
• You will possibly meet people from all over the world and experience or witness the application of Lessac Kinesensics in various languages.

This three week intensive include 6 days per week of intensive training in Lessac Kinesensic Body and Voice work with application into Performance, Presentation, Communication and Well-being.
This implies more than 100 hours of contact time with the lecturers and more than 120 notional hours. Contact sessions will be either in big groups, small groups, buddy sessions and weekly individual sessions. The above mentioned fee includes all material that will be handed out during the workshop (including Essential Lessac). 

Prerequisite for attending this workshop is two years of undergraduate study in the Arts, Psychology, Vocology, Dance, Creative Movement and Human behaviour or recognition of equivalent learning experiences. Should the potential candidate not adhere to these prerequisites a letter of intent or motivation from the candidate will be requested and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Tuition, Fees, and Housing:

International participants: The total financial estimate is comparable to the budget for USA workshop.
Workshop fee: $1000.00.

Housing for participants:
Housing is not included in the workshop fee. Several housing options exist. We will provide you with a list of University housing options, B&B’s and guest houses around campus. You can thus arrange your housing according to your budget.

Subsistence budget provided as guideline for participants:
A person can live comfortably off R150.00 a day in the Pretoria area. If a participant is here for 22 days, it works out at R3300. The per diem is thus not likely to be more than $250.

The Rand/Dollar exchange is approximately $1.00 > R15.00

Estimate for international travel: $2200.

Estimated total budget is thus not foreseen to be more than $4450.00

Applicants who resides on the African continent should contact Morné Steyn at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for information regarding payment structure as well as application forms.

Applicants from beyond the African continent, thus international applicants,  should apply by filing out the application South Africa Intensive Application

International Participants Pay for the Lessac South Africa Intensive

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